A Menor loja do mundo


Na Padaria

[In the Bakery]

Coffee or soup. Flour, water, yeast, salt and a recipe that is not ours, but today is found in all tables of Brazil. The breads combine in the sensitive art of A Menor Loja do Mundo [The Smallest Shop in the World] to compose another image for our essay inspired by the Brazilian way of being, making and feeling.


A Menor Loja do Mundo is a brand that Feira na Rosenbaum saw begin and grow. Cris Rosenbaum invited biologist and product designer Paty Fernandes to exhibit her creations. It was a small corner, but where the objects full of poetry created by Patricia fit perfectly. This is how A Menor Loja do Mundo was born. With delicate, sensitive creations, filled with history, Patricia Fernandes makes her poetic designs, charming us with each piece.

One of the brand’s most iconic pieces, the engraved spoons with the application of small sculptures, are poetry doses for each day of those who follow the smallest and most delicate store in the world.

Instagram: @amenorlojadomundo