Drê Magalhães

Jewelry and accessories

Galho Seco

[Dry Branch]

Branches that line up, cross paths and form hands and arms. Drê Magalhães’ rope jewelry for our essay, inspired by the shapes, expressions, colors and tastes of Brazil.


Drê Magalhães creates accessories and objects for the home, from her own experimentation, inventing techniques that reproduce traditional knitting and crochet stitches – which she learned as a child from her mother and grandmothers – in a new material: rope.

Drê uses ropes with 100% biodegradable core, and combines her talent for manual work to her creative, attentive eye. Inspiration for the collections comes mostly from architectural shapes, design, and colors. The color combinations and the knots create unique pieces, with strong personality.

Instagram: @studiodremagalhaes