Jess Vidal

Jewelry and accessories

Melancia Lapidada

[Polished Watermelon]

Everything that happens inside the earth. Riches of Brazilian soil, polished. Jess Vidal’s jewel in contrast with the bright red of a ripe watermelon.


The stones of Brazil, with their sparkle and shape, stand out in Jess Vidal’s creations. It is in the beauty and energy of the stones that the designer finds inspiration. Jess’ jewelry is strong, and the stones seem to float in many of the pieces, with such delicate adornments.

Early on, Jess showed an interest in the universe of art and fashion. With a degree in Fashion Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), in Australia, she received an award to study fashion in France. Living in Europe for two years, she expanded her knowledge in couture techniques in Paris; and in stone carving in Carrara, Italy, where she made her first marble sculpture, discovering her passion for stones.
Instagram: @jessvidal