Nicole Toldi


Jaca Verde

[Green Jackfruit]

Jackfruit, one of the most remarkable scents of Brazil’s fruits. Nicole Toldi creates molds in the fruit itself, to recreate ceramic jackfruits identical to the original.


Nicole Toldi first began creating with ceramics in 2006, and slowly turned her hobby into a profession. Nicole’s creation has always been free, with room for trials, experimentations, recreation of creative techniques in liquid porcelain and plaster molds.

Having worked in landscaping, the shapes of nature are a strong inspiration to her work. Her work has phases that consolidate according to the state of her soul. Today, the brand is comprised of Nicole and her daughter Luiza. Together, they produce pieces that are always white, full of textures to discover. These textures are always inspired by natural elements (tree trunks, roots, rocks, water ripples, fruit, etc.). The molds are made one by one, caring for and connecting with the piece.
Instagram: @nicole_toldi