No Pote Doceria Artesanal




Brigadeiro. A Brazilian sweet with one of the country’s most beloved ingredients. It’s comfort, an embrace, a small dose of happiness.


No Pote Doceria Artesanal [Artisanal Sweets] was created after Luiza’s awakening to her passion for patisserie. The architect went to New York to study patisserie and, upon returning to Brazil, met the siblings and chefs Luana and Fabio Perez, today partners at the brand. No Pote Doceria seeks inspiration in the trio’s family recipes, to create affectionate sweets. The creations, initially served only in single-serving jars, may now be ordered in family-size portions.

In addition to cakes and pies, No Pote Doceria creates classic recipes like brigadeiro and bananada [banana marmalade] – Luana’s family’s recipe; manjar – a coconut blancmange recipe from Luiza’s grandmother; and the greatest hit, cheesecake and berries. The entire process is artisanal, made with a lot of love and care, and even the brand’s visual identity was “homemade”, by Luiza.
Instagram: @nopote.doceria