Paola Muller


Pau de Arara

[Macaw Perch]

A dry branch, where a macaw rests. A reference to this bird, such a symbol of our tropical fauna. The Arara [Macaw] blanket, by Paola Muller, completes the meaning of the image.


The patterns and graphics of textile designer Paola Muller’s creations have such a strong identity that those who know the brand recognize its products anywhere. The quality of the knit, with imported, organic yarns, with artisanal dyeing, combined with Paola’s sharp eye, result in pieces that delight everyone.

After working as a visual programmer and developing knitted pieces for the fashion market for over two decades, Paola decided to create her own brand. Today, her knitting can be found in blankets, backpacks, upholstery and other pieces.

Instagram: @lolamuller