Studio Heloisa Galvão


Ovo Rosa

[Pink Egg]

Present in the simplest meeting places of Brazil, the pink egg speaks of a very clear feature of our people: the desire to seek laughter in the simplest, most mundane things, of having a sense of humor. We combine the delicate egg shell to Heloísa Galvão’s thin porcelains.


The creations of artist Heloísa Galvão show how what we produce speak of who we are by. The pieces in liquid ceramic are delicate as is their creator. In her studio, Heloísa explores the limits of the material, creating vases, plates, cups and other utensils and decorative pieces that are very thin and smooth. The colors share this same energy; light and neutral hues color her creations.

An expert in photographic imprinting in ceramics, with a course at the University of Harvard, in Boston, Heloísa enthralls with her fluid ceramics and the beauties printed in each piece.