What it is

Using design to bare
the Brazilian soul.


There is a soul in the many ways to build things. The soul is everything that involves time and meaning. In Brazil, such a diverse country, the ways of creating are many. The way to see beauty in things is, too. Feira na Rosenbaum opens our eyes to see, in traditional and contemporary doings, creative variations of that which already existed, the meaning, history and aesthetic of the many layers of Brazil and its people.

We open our eyes, become enchanted, exhibit and invite you to join us in this discovery.

Feira na Rosenbaum is a meeting that brings independent artists and designers together, to bring to the public their own creations, with a Brazilian identity, curated by Cris Rosenbaum. We welcome traditional creative communities from Brazil and contemporary artists and designers. All with the feel of an open house, with music, sounds, smells and sceneries.


makes it

“Five years ago, I started to see myself as a design curator. Then, it was rare to see spaces where artists and designers, who were starting to leave the big brands to develop their own independent work, could exhibit and sell their creations.

With that in mind, and with the desire to bring creators together in a single plural place, that I decided to create this space and strengthen that movement. My curatorship includes the identity of the works, what they have to say. Our country is diverse, multicultural, and so are the creations that are inspired by all these cultures. I see how important it is to support these creators, who are doing authentic work that reflects the Brazilian soul. At Feira na Rosenbaum, people can find the artists and designers I have met during this time, as well as partnerships that result from the encounters enabled by this movement and which are, for me, the main reason to celebrate within this network we have been able to build together.”

Cris Rosenbaum
Design Curator and founder of Feira na Rosenbaum


Welcoming independent artists and designers to meet their creations and stories, drafting themes for our meetings, creating invitations, inviting in the networks, hosting, accompanying visitors through Feira na Rosenbaum’s corridors. We are a network of people who collaborate and create together this space and these moments.



Nazaré is pure energy. She welcomes, accompanies, solves. Naza is the bridge between the exhibitor artists and designers and the communication, and she also contributes to Feira na Rosenbaum’s production – before, during and after.



Fabiana Zanin is an art director and graphic designer, inspired investigator, seeker of sensations, and apprentice. Fabi signs the visual communication for Feira na Rosenbaum.



Livia Salomoni is a communicologist and thinks communication intelligence for brands with a purpose. At Feira na Rosenbaum, she signs the communication strategy, the content production and the desire to make it together.



Manú Fernandes creates what she calls sensitive communication. She collaborates with Lívia in the strategy and content creation for Feira na Rosenbaum.



Verônica Nunes is a designer and illustrator. She collaborates with Fabi Zanin in the creation of Feira na Rosenbaum’s visual communication.



Marcelo Rosenbaum and Adriana Benguela are partners at Rosenbaum. Marcelo is a guide, a seeker and apprentice of the Brazilian soul that inspires Feira na Rosenbaum and our partner artists. Adriana is a friend who supports and participates, dedicating time to know the creations of each edition. Marcelo and Adriana open Rosenbaum’s doors to Feira na Rosenbaum and are always around to advise, assist in the curation, and contribute with their vision during the setup of each edition.


We always find room to thank each person who contributes to our story. João is Cris’ right hand, always rushing to help at each new edition. Mari is the loyal partner who always gets everything ready in our sceneries. Alexandre is the backup, for us to know everything will always work out. Rafa, so sweet, is the general assistant. And Maika helps the exhibitors with their sales. Our financial team includes Islaine, Talita and Soraia. Thainá always helps with everything, so kindly. And Erica Artuso, our partner responsible for the creation of the website. It’s so good to have you around.